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Two Dried Leaves

Dan Pitt

Counselling, Psychotherapy & (HE) Supervision

"People change when they become more of who they are, not when they strive to be someone or something they are not".

Arnold Beisser

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About Me

I am a Gestalt trained psychotherapist and supervisor working in Mapperley, Nottingham.  I have a private practice where I see clients and supervisees.  I can offer in-person, online and telephone sessions.  I have 25 years experience working in private practice and in university counselling services.  I am registered with the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy  I work with individuals, groups and offer clinical supervision, especially to those working in HE.

Before becoming a psychotherapist, I had a variety of jobs.  Originally I did an engineering degree; I have since worked in local authority and in residential care supporting adults with learning disabilities.  I strive toward integration, trying to pull together different aspects of life, such as logic and emotion or light and shade.  I enjoy a practical and pragmatic approach to working with people.

A Bit About Therapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy can help when we get stuck in life and don't know what’s going on or how to go about changing it.  This can happen for lots of reasons and the signs of this can come out in many ways, depression and anxiety being particularly common.  Given time and attention, the reasons for this and the ways in which this happens can be explored and understood; that is when we can come up with effective strategies to manage and make decisions to change certain things in our lives.  Often we can work this out for ourselves, but sometimes we need help, which is where counselling & psychotherapy can come in.

I work to help clients see what they already manage well and support their insight into ways in which they, unwittingly, may make choices that keep them stuck in familiar, but unhelpful situations and habits.  My training is in Gestalt Psychotherapy, which emphasises the present moment as the only place we can learn about ourselves and implement change.  Gestalt theory acknowledges that our personal perspective on the current moment is influenced by lots of things, past, present and future.  I offer genuine feedback to clients from a compassionate, non-judgemental perspective, with the hope of facilitating personal awareness and insight, giving opportunity for change and growth.  I see my work as a deeply human endeavour, supported by good knowledge and training, and I understand what it can take to make the decision to ask for help.

Although I understand that mental health difficulties fall under lots of different diagnoses, and an understanding of symptoms and the name or label for this can be incredibly helpful, I think that these symptoms are a signal from inside that something needs attending to, and I enjoy helping people find out about this for themselves.  Seeing people discover the energy and vibrancy that can come from untangling this ‘internal knot’ is a joy, and I understand that this is not always an easy process, it takes trust, experimentation, and courage.  I really admire this in the people I have worked with.

Services I Offer

I work with a large range of issues including: -
Depression and low mood
Chronic worry/rumination
Major life challenges - carers, parenting, loss of job etc.
Social anxiety
Health anxiety
Grief and loss
Gender or sexual identity
Panic attacks
Feeling powerless
Heart break
Suicidal thoughts and feelings
Childhood abuse (including sex abuse)
Class and social identity changes
Anger management
Managing stress
Emotional/physical abuse
Eating difficulties
Obsessions and compulsions
Mid-life passage
Student counselling
Transition into young adulthood (over 18’s)

Dandelion Parachute Seed

Individual Therapy

Clinical Supervision

Contact Me

If you are interested in seeing me for therapy or supervision, I offer a (free) 20 minute video (MS Teams) appointment to see if we gel, you can ask questions and tell me what you are looking for; then we can decide if you'd like to book in for further sessions.

150 Kenrick Road, Mapperley, Nottingham, NG3 6EX


I work from a private office space in my garden.  There are a few steps up to my room.

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